E-Sports has gained a lot of attention worldwide in the last few years, and Pakistan is also on the upswing. In recent months, Pakistan has made the next significant step forward in its esports environment, along with the announcement by information minister Fawad Chaudhry about Garena’s Free Fire Premier League to be hosted at the national level for the first time under the initiative named E-PAK.

The government’s new program will provide young Pakistani athletes a chance to demonstrate their potential and improve their talents to become professional players and compete worldwide. Aside from these efforts, the government will collaborate with local esports companies to recruit young gamers.

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E-Sports scenes in Pakistan at present

There are two major esports movements in Pakistan right now: mobile and PC gaming. Mobile gaming is the first and fastest-growing kind of gaming, while console and PC gaming may be second. More than six out of every ten people in Pakistan are under the age of 30 years old. Pakistan has one of the world’s highest populations of people under the age of 30. More than half of the population is interested in gaming or gaming news in Pakistan, which means that esports has a massive fan base.

Korea, Japan, and India have become more developed esports markets, and South Asia will soon be the center of such activity due to the ever-increasing expansion in all areas of the esports ecosystem.

Influence of COVID on Pakistan E-Sports

Due to the epidemic, many companies have failed, and more individuals have been isolated to their homes. With fewer places to work and more time to socialize, online gaming tournaments have helped spread competitive gaming, but they’ve also lowered the number of LAN gatherings held around the globe.

Online gaming, on the other hand, appears to be on the rise. The esports environment will be flooded in Pakistan soon with events, predominantly online, and the country’s next talent is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to shine.

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Present issues in Pakistan E-Sports 

The E-sports industry has not been explored on a …….

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