An e-sports athlete of MDH Entertainment plays a game (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnamese e-sports have witnessed strides over the years as
the country’s holding and participation in regional and international events is strengthening its position at major arenas.

Secretary of the Vietnam Recreational E-sport Association (VIRESA) Do Viet Hung
said the association has set itself a target of the building and development of
Vietnam’s e-sport system in a comprehensive, sustainable and professional way in
tandem with international standards, with an aim to turn the country into a hub
for major regional and international events.

To that end, VIRESA will work to perfect legal corridors on policies and
mechanisms, foster concerted growth and call for social support. It is
to build tournaments and linkages between them in order to facilitate
international integration.

A professional e-sports player of MDH Entertainment (Photo: VNA)
e-sports tourneys were held in the recent past. The Vietnam eSports
Championship (VEC) and the University eSports Championship (UEC) took place in January
2021, aiming to scout and train professional athletes for national teams.

Southeast Asian eSports Championship 2021 (SEA EC 2021) are co-hosted virtually
by VIRESA and tech giant VNG Corporation.

qualifying round was organised last November and December, with the
participation of 52 teams representing 10 e-sports federations in the region. The
final round will take place in this month.

EC 2021 comprises three games of PUBG Mobile and League of Legends: Wild
Rift and Valorant. The winner will walk home with a prize worth more than
140,000 USD.

e-sports is included among the 40 sports in the 31st SEA Games hosted by Vietnam. This
is hoped to open up chances for Vietnam’s e-sports to access foreign investors
and improve quality of its athletes and clubs./.



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