A rising new form of sports is e-sports. Here players become professional in a chosen game. Not only are the players getting paid to do wonders on games like League of Legends, like soccer there is a spectator fanbase and online sports betting sites are now offering odds for e-sport fixtures. You should see the full guide for more information.

E-sports is on the Rise

In 2021 e-sports has generated over $1bn USD in revenue market share. By 2024 this is expected to rise to over $1.6bn. As you can see this new form of sport is both massive and in terms of fanbase and investment. This means it is here to stay.

Starting a Pro e-sports Team

If you’re a fan of video games and want to start a team now is the time to do it. E-sports isn’t a fad and it is a sport that is only set to grow. With this in mind let’s take a deep dive into how to start an e-sports team.

Focus on One Game

It is good practice to focus on one game and expand. Adopting this method will allow the team to perfect skills and get to know the game inside out. Be mindful that e-sports is competitive and splitting the team across several games will lessen the competitiveness of the team overall.

Choose a Game

Now you’ve decided to focus on one game you should choose a game that you know well. As a minimum you should know:

  • The objectives of the game.

  • Game mechanics both basic and advanced.

  • Be familiar with relevant characters, rules, and other specific details.

No matter if you’re taking a coaching role or a player role you should have some competency in the game and crucially know how to play it. Gamers like to play with other gamers of a high standard. So the better you know and can play the game, the better players will want to become part of the team.

Geography is Important

As the team will be traveling to competitions it is …….

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