Sentinels Valorant Coach : After a lot of deliberation Sentinels, valorant team has finally picked up FaZe Rawkus as their valorant coach.

Sentinels are the best NA valorant team currently. With having won almost every VCT regional tournament and winning the first LAN event in Iceland. Sentinels went through all these events without a coach, where their IGL(in-game leader) Shahzam was doing all the work. But after their loss in Masters Three Berlin, sentinel decided to go for a coach.

After Faze ended up releasing most of their valorant roster, Sentinals took advantage of this situation. Rawkus was the IGL for FaZe, even though Faze wasn’t able to secure a victory, Rawkus is still considered to be the best. After looking at all the available options Sentinels final selected their Coach.

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Rawkus as Coach for Sentinels Valorant Team

Rawkus has been a close friend of the whole Sen team. So, the chemistry already exists between the players and him, the only thing left for Rawkus is to adapt to the team. For now, Rawkus is the coach for Valorant Champions, where he will travel with the team to Berlin for the Biggest Valorant tournament for the Year 2021.

Even Shazam live on his stream said that”Rawkus is gonna be a huge help, he is gonna help take some weight off of my shoulders“. He also said that”One of the biggest strengths of our team is that have a really good dynamic in the team, and we are looking for a coach who would be the same, and Rawkus is a good pick”

Rawkus will be the coach for Sentianls for Champions. However, after that, he has the option to either continue his current …….


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