December 27, 2021 — Monstropoly is the highly anticipated blockchain-based e-sports game that welcomes players worldwide to become awesome warriors, ally with friends, build formidable teams, engage in combat against other warriors and earn money using their skills.

The game’s private token sale just finished with sellout results, and the team is about to launch its initial DEX offering (IDO). 

Introducing Monstropoly

The latest creation by Satoshi’s Games, Monstropoly, is a MOBA play-to-earn (P2E) game set in an immersive realm filled with impressive monsters and radical weaponry.

Monstropoly’s addictive gameplay is fueled by its significant social focus and features a virtual reality (VR) web client for exhibiting monsters, interacting with your squad and other players and engaging in an ever-growing range of community activities.

The game’s atmospheric monster lore blends the greatest aspects of the nonfungible token (NFT) and metaverse worlds, delivering players a uniquely endearing fantasy world that simply must be explored. The universe is still in its early stages of development, yet already brimming with magical aspects.

The goal for Monstropoly players is simple: continually improve their game outcomes to earn additional prizes. Players achieve this by mastering gameplay to improve weaponry and gather items as they progress. Inventory items can also be traded for game tokens and used to engage in project leadership, vote on project trajectories and experience high-level decentralized finance (DeFi) utilities as the project grows.

Monstropoly’s unique metaverse web client empowers players to connect on a deeper level, develop their own tools for others to use, create mini-games that incorporate user NFTs and support additional universal activities that cultivate a truly engaged community.

E-sports primary features

Encounter and battle the monsters of players worldwide, spectate or play in competitive multiplayer tournaments and enjoy interactive gameplay using your uniquely modified weaponry in the metaverse-enabled arena of Monstropoly’s unified P2E environment.

With PvE and PvP (solo and team deathmatch) modes, Monstropoly delivers thrilling playability as both a mobile and PC shooter. Players will be rewarded for frequent play with daily missions to complete, achievements to unlock and leaderboards to top — all of which earn players fantastic rewards.



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