Some 500 top gamers from 85 different countries – who beat out 10,000 other gamers – will compete

The eyes of the video game world will soon turn to Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city, as it hosts the E-Sports world championship, a global competition of the world’s best E-gamers, for the first time. 

Starting this weekend, 500 top gamers from 85 different countries – who beat out 10,000 other gamers in various playoffs watched virtually by millions – will converge in Israel’s tourist destination and compete for the top spot.

This year’s event is the 13th annual competition, i24NEWS noted.

Last year, the world championship in Shanghai, China, saw over 1.5 million viewers tune into the action online.

As millions of people will either be watching or checking out the highlights in the following days, Israel will be in the spotlight. 

Ido Brosh, chairman of the Israeli E-Sports Gaming Association, recognizes that the first-ever international E-Sports competition held in Israel is a unique opportunity for the state.

“This is a huge opportunity to showcase Israeli hospitality… and capability in hosting such grand-scale events in a very technological sector and digital entertainment world,” Brosh exclaimed. 

Each player will represent their own nation under the “national flag, banner, and uniform” he explained to i24NEWS.

With efforts to host the competition beginning three years ago, the Israeli Sports Association and Maccabi World Union teamed up with the Israeli E-Gaming Association to reach an agreement with the International E-Sports Federation.

“Through the impact of this event… we will be able to create a meaningful, positive image for Israel,” Brosh said.

“Using this event as a platform to understand not just the beauty and hospitality of Israel, but that Israel is a modern country.”


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