The world of e-sports — competitive video gaming — continues to grow in popularity and Amaranthe have just debuted their new song, “PvP,” which will serve as the anthem for the Sweden’s World Cup team.

“PvP” is gamer-speak for “player verses player,” meaning any video game which pits one human player against another and Amaranthe’s utilization of multiple singers lends itself quite well to this theme.

Commenting on allying with the Sweden’s e-sports representatives, Amaranthe stated, “We are proud to have some of the world’s foremost E-sport competitors in Sweden, and to write a song for the Swedish World Cup team has been a ton of fun! Writing uplifting, energetic songs is a trademark Amaranthe feature, and ‘PvP’ is certainly no exception! Designed from the ground up to be a shot of adrenaline and endorphins in these progressively darker times, we hope that you will enjoy this one-off, and of course, we wish the Swedish World Cup team all the success they rightfully deserve!”

“PvP” is a fist-pumping track which counters pulsing, anthemic moments with start-stop rhythmic shifts and the tension that’s felt and, eventually released, echoes the nature of gaming and the fight to survive and emerge as the victor.

Read the lyrics (via AZ Lyrics) and listen to the song below.

Amaranthe, “PvP” Lyrics

Sign me up – domination
A taste what’s to come
This clash is my life
And the stake is my soul
Detonate the demolition
Competition undone
I dictate this game
Like this game is my own

As I make contact
One shot to master the zone
A god made flesh and
I am infinity personified
No concession
One bullet to settle the score
A grand collision
I will set it on fire

We let the fates decide
It’s like a bang! – Headshot
Right between the eyes
High I rise
To my supremacy


Eradicate the opposition
My life for the horde
To this force I’m addicted
Goes right through my bones
Survive the simulation
The thrill is my reward
This blaze is my crown
And the stage is my throne



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