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The esports industry has grown in recent years and is expected to surpass $1 billion in revenue this year but has met stiff resistance from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) when being considered as a sport for the Summer Games.

“Regarding Olympic inclusion, esports as a medal event… this is a trend that I see continuing through the continental unions, collaboration with the different continental Olympic committees,” Marinescu told reporters.

“In the IESF we have continental bodies that are members… except for Oceania. These organisations will push forward to include esports in their various continental games.

“I can tell you that the IESF application fulfils all the statutory requirements and criteria. We have applied and we’re looking forward to understanding what the next step is.”

IOC president Thomas Bach had said in the past that some esports games were too violent and not in line with Olympic values to be included in the Games.

Yoon Ki-chan, majoring in esports, guides a friend as they play League of Legends during a class at Eunpyeong Meditech high school in Seoul, South Korea.

“We were faced with this question at this World Championship regarding the game title CS:GO,” Marinescu added, referring to ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’, a multi-player first person shooter game.

“We have the ability to select, for the World Championship, the titles that the national federations want to play,” adding that CS:GO was included by popular demand from the gaming community.

“When we speak about inclusion into the Olympic Games… or in any other event that is not under our umbrella but in cooperation with an organisation, we have to follow those standards and select the game that fits that criteria.”

With mobile gaming now a booming industry, especially for those without the resources or means to play on gaming consoles, IESF’s General Secretary Boban Totovski said the next World Championships would have one or two mobile titles.

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