E-sports became an industry over the last two decades as internet communities grew all over the world, and it continues to develop every day. As the industry is growing day by day, the competition is increasing accordingly. Because of this reason a simple desktop setup and basic tools turned out to be not enough for an E-athlete to succeed. A lot has to be considered while choosing the best racing wheel to be the first one to finish the race, from enhanced feedback features and more realistic resistance settings to all those beautiful extra buttons for adjustable controls.

Such elements, combined with pedals to take the difficulty of braking and gear changes off your already overworked fingers, can make a great difference in decreasing your lap times, which can determine the winner and the loser. That’s why, no matter what kind of a racetrack you’re racing on, we listed the best gaming wheels to put you one step ahead of the competition. 

Source: PXN/Amazon

PXN V900 is here to ensure that you are in control of your rides with maximum comfort. You will be able to experience everything from the GT racing series, World Rally Championships to European truck simulations, and other racing series with the PXN V900 racing wheel. It includes a PC dual-mode drive with free switching between the two modes for computer racing, allowing you to use the wheel with 270/900° rotation. It also includes linear foot pedals for automated endurance and throttle lock value. It comes with sports car-style paddles and manual gear shifting, as well as an ergonomic design that mimics racing wheels for added comfort. 

Source: Thrustmaster/Amazon

The Thrustmaster T248 is designed for all gamers looking for performance and immersion, or who want to enhance their skills after starting with a beginner’s wheel. It has various functions that make it as good as your own car’s steering wheel. Its interactive race dashboard, which features over 20 different displays on the steering wheel’s screen, will keep you in control of your speed. It’s engineered to offer 70% more power than other Thrustmaster hybrid racing wheels, allowing you to improve your performance.

Most importantly, it features 3 types …….

Source: https://interestingengineering.com/7-gaming-wheels-to-win-any-race-in-e-sports-competitions

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